The kids are two years older than when I started this blog. And mostly wiser–at least technologically. They’re going to start Googling their mom and seeing what might pop up. Lots of magazine articles, mostly, on parenting topics, mostly. Toss in a few politically minded op-eds, and a couple of newspaper features out of left-field. I’m fine with all that. And I’m fine with what they’d find on my blog. There are no surprises, just mostly humor. Sarcastic humor. The kind they love.

I’ve tried to remain somewhat cloaked in my identity (cause I like to think I could be a spy in a future life), and I’ve certainly worked hard at keeping my kids’ names and photos out of this blog. So if they Google themselves, the search engines shouldn’t send them here.

But still. Now that they’re a full two years older than when I started this thing, I think it’s a fine time to stop. I don’t need to share their forays into adolescence, or my struggles with them (their forays, not the kids). Somethings are meant  to stay relatively private. Plus, if I share all on this blog, and my extended family reads it, what amusing antidotes will I have at holiday get-togethers?

So this site shall stay stagnant for a while, till I figure out how to save the entries I really like and want for future-sharing with my kids. Then it will go away, if anything on the internet ever truly does that. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about a new blog, something non-parenting that will appeal to the topic my ‘search engine results’ say is consistently the biggest draw to The Parenting Gig: How to De-Skunk Your House.

Yeah. Parenting is so yesterday.